August 23, 2023

20 Macroeconomics Essay Topics to Fall in Love with This Dull Subject

Vernon Fraser
Vernon Fraser
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Macroeconomics Essay Topics

When you choose macroeconomics essay topics, you should select something that you are personally interested in as you will need to research it intensively. Most topics have several angles that could be pursued and then argued. Keep in mind that the topic is not as important as is your approach. The best papers are those that have a unique angle, backed up by some strong evidence.

These are a few ideas of catchy essay topics:

  1. What Is the Housing Slump and When Will Recovery Begin?
  2. What Are the Effects of the Greek Recession and How Does It Affect Other Countries’ Economies?
  3. How Can We Ditch Credit Cards and Begin Transitioning to a Cash/Debit Society?
  4. What Are the Costs of Health Insurance to the American Public?
  5. What Effect Will the Legalization of Marijuana Have on Both Local and State Economies?
  6. What Is the Economic Cost of Cleaning up Industrial Pollution, and What Is the Economic Benefit? Who Should Be Held Responsible?
  7. Is Child Labor Ever Justified Economically? How So?
  8. How Can Alternative Currencies Such as Bitcoins and Dogecoins Impact Economics Forever?
  9. Why Has College Tuition Exploded? What Is the Best Way to Pay for It as a Student–Or Should the Government Be Held Responsible?
  10. Profile the Crumbling of Wall Street: Select a Day When the Stock Market Collapsed, and Examine the Causes, Impact, and Influences of This Date
  11. What Is the Cost of Outsourcing in a Struggling Economy? Examine How the Market Has Risen and Fallen in Different Regions
  12. Examine the Current Fiscal Policy of the United States. What Are Some of the Pitfalls?
  13. What Factors Have Contributed to Recent Economic Growth or Decline?
  14. Why Is Recession Continuing to Occur Throughout the Globe?
  15. How Does Franchising Contribute to the National (Or Global) Economy?
  16. How Have Advancements of Technology Aided Economic Progress in Developing Nations?
  17. What Is the Importance of Human Resources to a Manufacturing Industry? Will Machines Be Able to Entirely Replace a Human Workforce?
  18. How Are Politics and the Economy Related to Each Other?
  19. Do Economic Models That Are Commonly Studied in Theory Work Well in a Real Economic Structure? Why or Why Not?
  20. How Does the Availability of Higher Education Services Aid in Economic Development in Developing Nations?

Regardless of the topic you select, the ultimate goal is to show your professor that you’ve absorbed and integrated everything that he or she has taught in class. Do this by developing a strong thesis and back it up with important pieces of information. Whether you choose to write a paper about the economic impact of pollution or the effects of another country’s economic decline, you should be able to craft a relevant, interesting paper that is supported by peer-reviewed data.

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