What Are the Basics of Essay Writing at College?


stundent is writing an essay on laptopEvery good essay is built on a formulated structure. The structure ensures the proper organization of the paper. By following a pre-determined structure a writer can present his or her ideas in a linear, logical fashion. An essay represents a writer’s thoughts, ideas, and/or conveys an argument for the writer so the essay must be able to stand on its own. The audience should have no difficulty understanding the writer’s point(s) after reading an essay. If the writer can communicate the message to the reader clearly, then the essay is a success. So what does a high quality, well written basic essay need?

Essay Structure

The basic essay has five paragraphs including:

  • Introduction: The first paragraph is responsible for drawing in the interest of the writer and must have a hook so the reader continues to read the rest of the paper. The first paragraph must also present the student’s thesis in a clear and concise manner.
  • Body: The most basic of essays have three paragraphs containing supporting evidence, but the number of paragraphs can be far greater than three.
  • Conclusion: It brings everything together while reiterating the student’s thesis. The conclusion is quite important because it is the last thing the reader reads and is what the reader remembers the most.

Elements of a Paper

Within the different paragraphs in the essay, there are some expected elements. For instance, the introduction will always present the student’s thesis statement, which is what the student is attempting to present or argue. The body of the article provides facts, arguments, and evidence in relation to the student thesis in an effort to support the student’s argument. In the body of the work, the student might refer to studies or other bodies of work to support the argument presented. Finally, the conclusion wraps up the entire paper and brings everything together while reminding the reader of the original thesis statement.

Purpose of an Essay

In a general sense, an essay is supposed to convey information. There are a number of different types of essays, all with a different purpose. The purpose of an essay is dependent on the type of essay one is writing and the general topic. Below are some of the different kinds of essays a student might write and the ultimate goal of each one:

  • Descriptive Essays: This type of essay allows a student to describe a scene, image, person, place, or thing to the reader in an effort to bring that image to mind through the written word.
  • Expository Essays: Papers where nothing but facts is included and opinion is not added.
  • Narrative Essays: This type of essay is the writer’s attempt to narrate a story, one that is often related to an experience he/she has had in real life.
  • Persuasive Essays: Papers where the student uses the writing to convince the reader of an argument, position, or understanding.

These basics should help you get the right idea about essay writing in college. So, take them into account and deepen your knowledge on separate elements if needed.

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