January 10, 2017

4 Activities to Improve Your Business Writing Skills

Vernon Fraser
Vernon Fraser
Essay Writer

business freeBusiness writing is quite a different genre comparing with the others, and it is a very important skill to have. Like all other skills, it has to be developed and practiced in order to stay updated. The big question is: How can this be done?

First, you must consider the aspects that make up good business writing pieces, whether it is a detailed report for your boss, or an office memo to other employees.

Business writing is formal. Thus, your paper should be written in the formal tone, using the appropriate vocabulary. It shouldn’t include any slang. Such a paper has to be clear as well as to the point, with no beating around the bush. One more important thing is that it has to be double checked before being sent out. Of course, this is the requirement for all kinds of writing, but even more for a business type.

In order to successfully do the things above, there are several activities that can be done to help you improve your business writing skills. Here are the top four of them:

1. Apply for a Job

Such an activity has more than one benefit. On the one hand, you are practicing writing; on the other hand, you are likely to start your professional career. Most good jobs will want you to submit a cover letter. This is one of the best chances to practice writing in the business-like tone. Cover letters have their own requirements and tips, but overall they are definitely a form of business writing. And who knows? You may even get the job you have always wanted!

2. Network

Social media is fun, but it can also be used for more serious purposes like networking. There are many online pages, forums, Facebook groups, etc. that will allow you not only to practice communicating through business writing, but also make some new friends and acquaintances. Try doing general search of the professional field you are interested, or already involved in. Another option is to create a LinkedIn profile, for example.

3. List the Key Points

Instead of just getting started, take a trip back down a memory lane and recall such an important skill that you have already learnt in the middle school, or perhaps even a bit earlier – outlining. What are the key points you need to include? List them and create your piece due to these points. Start from the most important and end up with the least important information. Being on point is a must for business writing. Thus, the particular activity will help you detach the most needed items to cover in the paper.

4. Monkey See Monkey Do

This one may seem fairly obvious and rather boring, but if you really want to improve your business writing skills, you’ll be willing to give it a try. You have heard this many times: to be the best you have to learn from the best. Imitation is perhaps the best way to practice and get better at any skill. Get a copy of the business writing paper and rewrite it in your own words. You may change the topic completely, but you should follow the format.

Practice these simple exercises to become a master at business writing. For our part, we wish you best of luck!

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