3 Ways Not to Get a Reject to Your ‘Can You Write My Essay’ Request


business free‘Can you write my essay?’ or ‘Can I pay someone to write my essay?’ Many students have asked these questions when needing help with writing their essays. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time or they may not know how to write the paper, so they decide to buy a piece. Luckily, there are professional writing services that do cheap custom writing. If you need a writer to help you, it is important to prevent the service from rejecting your request. When you are inquiring other writers to write your essay, use these three tips to keep you from getting denied.

1. Be Courteous with Your Request

No one is going to help someone who is demanding or rude. Remember, writing services are doing you a favor by writing your work for you, so show that you would appreciate their help.

2. Provide Clear Instructions

Provide more information than just asking, “Can you write my essay?” If you do not clearly state what you need, the service may find it best to not take you as a client. Unclear clients have a higher chance of being unhappy and requesting frequent revisions or refunds which are not always worth the risk.

3. Give a Reasonable Deadline

Rushing the service is unproductive, so make sure that you give a decent deadline. Giving a short amount of time may not only aggravate the writer, but it can influence the quality of the paper.

You have the convenience of being able to choose the type of writing service you want, like online freelance writing. Whatever you choose, make sure that your request is not rejected by taking our tips into consideration!

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