5 Ways to Get Armed for a Class Essay Assignment


apple laptop with girlYikes. Another class essay. No matter how your professor calls it: timed writing, class essay, essay exam, they are simply the part of being a student. At least take comfort in the fact that there are a lot of students all over the world, who are in the same boat as you.

One more way to get comfortable with the idea, actually the best one, is to be prepared! There are many reasons, why class essay assignments are one of the least liked. One of the reasons is that you feel like it is impossible to study for them. In most cases, the professor does not even provide the students with some hints due to what the paper will be about, or perhaps they will have to make up their own topics.

With that being said, there are still many ways how you can put yourself at an advantage and feel as ready as you can, before even walking into the class.

1. Go to Class and Take Notes

Hope, you do this regularly, but if not, then you need to start asap. Didn’t you know that class essays are absolutely related to the issues that you discuss during the lessons? Taking good notes will help you be prepared for the potential topics. Moreover, it will provide you with some supporting details to use while dealing with the class essay. If you have not been attending the class, see if you can take a photocopy of someone’s notes to review.

2. Read

You should read not only your lecture notes, but also you have to read the course textbooks and any other supporting materials provided in class.
To be a step ahead of the game, use your knowledge gained from reading other sources, not given in the class. Books, articles, blogs, even forums, can give you further insights into the topics. Even more, they can provide you with some perspectives on the topics discussed in the class.

3. Plan

This one works the best if you know that you will come up with your own topic, or you are going to be given a list of topics to choose what exactly to write about. In this case, planning your essay will do wonders.

Create an outline that includes points you want to mention in the introduction, the intended body paragraph topics, some supporting points, as well as an idea to wrap it all up.
Even if you are not given with the list beforehand, but you will have it in the class, you can mull over the topics that you would like to write about.

4. Practice

Take some extra time to practice. Do you know how much time you will be given? If yes, sit down and start writing non stop, until the time is up. If not, choose the time period, between 40 and 90 minutes and work with that. This will give you the feel of the real class writing.

5. Consider Essay Types

An essay is not just a piece of writing. It has its own purpose. Compare and contrast, argue, agree or disagree, persuade, and so on; you need to prepare in which of these types you will be writing. Brainstorm a few set phrases for each of them and you will be all set.

Having read this article, you can see that even if you do not know exactly the topic for the essay that you are going to write in the class, it is still possible to get armed for it. Good luck!

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