How to Organize Paragraphs in a Great Custom Essay Paper


fountain penThere are some key components of a great custom essay paper that every writer needs to be aware of. One of them is the organization of the essay. A well-organized paper will greatly increase your odds of getting a better score. Most of the time, organization is among the items that professors pay much attention to, while grading the paper.

The Introduction

It is not a surprise that all essays should have an introduction and the purpose of such a part is quite simple, if not obvious, – to introduce the paper to the reader. The first lines should lead the reader to the topic of the piece. Moreover, in this part you have to introduce what you are going to discuss in the rest of the essay.

The introduction usually consists of three or four sentences that follow this outline:

  • the “hook”- to get the reader’s attention;
  • the lead to the topic;
  • the purpose of the essay.

The Body

The body of an essay has earned its name because it is the largest portion in the paper as well as the most important one.

Generally and typically speaking, custom essays online, as well as in print, have three main body paragraphs. Each paragraph is about a different issue. The first sentence should make the problem clear. Such a sentence is called the introductory statement. All the following sentences are to support that initial point, either through details or through providing the reader with some examples.

The Conclusion

Much like the introduction has a rather telling name, so does the conclusion. In this paragraph, all the sentences come together to summarize and restate the whole paper, in a finalized way, what has already been discussed throughout the essay. It should remind the reader of what he/she has read and learnt. In addition, it has to provide the audience with a nice closure to the paper.

The method described in this particular article is standard and expected by all the professors from different universities. So, let’s recollect the 5-paragraph structure that every essay should follow.

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraph 1
  • Body Paragraph 2
  • Body Paragraph 3
  • Conclusion

Imagine an hourglass. Your essay should essentially take this particular structure. It should start being general, get specific, and go back to general again.
Of course, there are some variations and exceptions to this type of structure, but it is recommended to start with such a form and then, when you gain much experience, try some new variants. If you follow these guidelines, you will end up with the successful custom essay!

There is only one thing left to do. Give it a look-over and find out if there is anything to improve, for example, to make it clearer, or to add some lead-ins to the paragraphs. These tiny organizational changes will make your paper more interesting, as well as will put in some flavor that is really important to impress the reader.

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