How to Craft a Strong Definition Essay



Definition essays can be ones of the most interesting if you do them right. New perspectives can be conveyed, and deep insights and emotions can be conjured up.

All words have a denotation – the literal definition – but many of them have a connotation – the emotional association with a word. Words with connotations are what makes a definition essay great.

These types of essays can be a real challenge; to write an entire paper about one word without getting repetitive or boring is quite a feat. Here you will learn how to accomplish that.

What to Talk about?

To craft a strong essay, there are several things you need to do. The first is obvious: you need a word to write about. As mentioned above, you have to choose one that is emotionally charged. This means finding something that is abstract. Words that are concepts instead of actual things are better, but as long as you can find a lot to say about them.

How Do You Understand the Notion?

Secondly, you need to craft your own definition. Instead of using a dictionary or Wikipedia, you need to state the definition in your own words. It should be clear and not confusing. Try reading it to someone and see if they can guess the word. If they can, you know you have done a good job. Sure, you shouldn’t bear off the dictionary definition, you just have to simplify the meaning, though.

Do Some Research

After that, do some research. The things you should research are:

  • The origin of the word – which language did it derive from?;
  • The history of the word – has it changed over time?;
  • The part of speech;
  • The classification.

Your findings should be included in your essay. Some of it might be dry, but it’s necessary to include in order for your reader (and yourself) to understand the word in its entirety. Use your best creative writing skills to make this part as interesting as possible. In this case, you can diversify the plot with some interesting facts, notions, etc. that will help you hold the readers’ attention.

Show off the Examples

Next is the heart of the essay. Think of some examples to illustrate the meaning of the word you’ve chosen. Find out some synonyms and antonyms and see if you can use them in your writing. Remember, you don’t have to use everything you have found out, just the stuff that will go well in the direction your essay goes. If the word can be used in different contexts, provide your listeners with them! Cover some funny examples where the word can be used in an unordinary way. Use visuals to support your claims.

Dwell upon the Impact

In the end, as well as throughout, you have the option to make it personal. How has the word affected you? Tell about your personal experience with the term. Does it mean something slightly different for you? Considering questions like these will help you flush out your essay to make it great. Make sure your essay is well-organized and has a good structure. We’ve given you a lot of advice here, do not neglect them if you want to craft a strong essay.

Definition essays can be very powerful if done correctly. The right word as well as how you explain it is the key points. Many words could be a good fit, so start by making a list of potential ones and narrow it down from there.

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