8 Amazing Places to Do My Chemistry Homework


amazing place for doing chemistry homework“What is the best place to do my chemistry homework?” you might ask. It is definitely not some noisy spot — chemistry requires concentration, just like any science. When searching for a suitable place, keep in mind the number of people there, the spot’s noise policy, and how comfortable it is for you to be there. Below are some of our favorite spots which are, in our opinion, perfect for doing any kind of homework.

1. Reading Nook

Every student should have his or her own reading nook. It can be anything — a room upstairs, a window sill, or a niche under the staircase. If you don’t have a corner of your own or if it’s a bit noisy at your place, then go outside.

2. Park

Parks are the best choice for studying on warm sunny days. At least, make sure there is no rain or snow in the park the day you come there to study. Just sit on a lawn or a bench in the shade of a big tree and try to pay no attention to the outside world.

3. Library

Library is often the best spot for doing any kind of homework. There are books, the atmosphere, and the no-noise policy. If you are lucky to live not far from one of the coolest libraries, it would be a pity if you don’t check it out:

  • Lincoln’s Inn Library (London, UK)
  • The Leeds Library (Leeds, UK)
  • Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm Zentrum, Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany)
  • Odenplan Library (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • George Peabody Library (Baltimore, MD, US)
  • New York Public Library (NY, US)
  • Bapst Library in Boston College (MA, US)
  • Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, University of Chicago (IL, US)
  • Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University (New Haven, CT, US)

4. Cowering Spaces

There are lots of coworking spaces where people come to work on their tasks. It’s easy to get concentrated when you see others doing the same. Nevertheless, you usually have to pay for time spent in a coworking space. So, you can leave this idea for a time when you’ve out of other options.

5. You Grandma’s Place

Is your place currently a mess? Or do you have some noisy neighbors? Maybe it’s time to see your grandma? She will be pleased to see you and, once she learns that you need a place to study, she will be happy to provide you with one. In case your grandma’s place is a long drive away, try going to a friend’s place.

6. Your Friend’s Place

It could be a nice idea to study at your friend’s place while they are away. If they aren’t, you can suggest him or her to study together. However, you both should make sure that you do the chemistry first and then engage in your favorite activities.

7. Empty Classroom

After the classes are finished, you can wait until the students empty the rooms and get comfortable in one of them. You won’t be found that easily by friends and distracted there. Still, make sure that you’ve picked the classroom no one will use over the next couple of hours.

8. Bookshop

Last but not least, you can take your chemistry homework to the nearest bookstore where they are offering reading spots and a cup of joe. Such places are usually quiet, with just some pleasant music at the background. Maybe you’ll see there a couple of friends doing the same.

All in all, there are quite a few places where you can get your chemistry homework done in peace and concentration. It doesn’t have to be an empty classroom or a library — the most common choices among students. It can be a friend’s place or a room at your grandma’s house. Just think “quiet”, and the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the place to go.

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