How to Motivate Myself to Do My Computer Science Homework


“I can’t do my computer science homework anymore.” We’ve heard this a lot from students, especially from the younger ones who are doing their first years of studies. Are you one of them? You shouldn’t give up — computer science gets more and more interesting with each semester. At first you are reading some boring textbooks, and then you are writing your first programs. So, instead of refusing to do your homework, try to find some motivation to start with your current home assignment. We’ll certainly give you a hand here.

  • Firstly, just think about computer science as a very prestigious field nowadays. And you have the chance to belong here. So think of yourself as potential intellectual elite of your time. Think of the bright future that you will have if you study well and master that computer science. Now look at your current home assignment as a first step on this bright and promising path.
  • Think of the areas to which the knowledge of computer science will take you. You might be even able to program robots or create games one day! All you need is some experience and knowledge in the discipline. Your current tasks are the necessary training like that of astronauts they undertake before they can go into the outer space.
  • The earlier you start, the earlier you finish. Do you have plans for tonight? Perhaps, a new episode of Game of Thrones: season 6 is waiting for you. Complete the assignment first, and you will watch the series without any self-reproach for wasting time.
  • Think of a random reward you will treat yourself with afterwards. Maybe it’s your favorite meal that you’ll eat after completing the task in computer science. Or maybe it’s a night out with friends or classmates — you’re finally going to that secret bar you’ve discovered a while ago but never tried. You won’t miss it just because you didn’t start the homework in time, will you?
  • Structure your homework. Break it into pieces and have a small reward after completing each of them. For example, you can read 5 pages of an interesting book after completing each of the steps. Or play 10 minutes of your favorite videogame. It isn’t much, but it will certainly make it easier for you to start and finish the entire assignment.
  • Try to relate your current assignment to something practical. Do you need to read a chapter on how image compression occurs? Take an image and try to save it in various formats, experiment with compression, and note the difference. Or do you have to write a small program? Make it relevant to your experience or your current interests. That way, doing an ordinary assignment can turn into a fascinating game.
  • Finally, think about the great feeling of accomplishment that will come after you finish the task. You will be free to do whatever you like. Moreover, you will be the one getting a grade for a thoroughly done assignment.

While you feel completely unmotivated at times to do your homework, even to the point when you might say you’ve had enough of computer science, don’t give up. There are tons of good things that can — and will — happen when you devote some of your time to completing your home assignments. Think about the immediate rewards like a new episode of Game of Thrones or meeting your friends later. Don’t also forget about the long-term rewards that await you in the future, such as a smashing career and a favorite job.

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