Why Do I Need to Do My English Homework Online?


english homeworkStudying with the Internet on is not always a bad idea. Apart from being a major source of distraction, the web can be a valuable source of information. Besides, it offers a variety of handy tools for studying. That’s exactly why most of the students say, “I always do my English homework online”. Below we offer some major reasons why students should use the Internet while working on their assignments in English.

Online Dictionaries with Huge Databases

You can start by checking out the Oxford Dictionaries website and Cambridge Dictionaries Online. You will find an abundance of dictionaries that you can use in any subject. Another great option is Google’s built-in dictionary which provides a wide range of definitions, along with synonyms, antonyms, and usage examples.

Possibility to Check Tricky Grammar Issues

The Economist Style Guide helps you not to only polish your writing style, but also provides you with guidelines in grammar and punctuation. Grammarly is another huge resource for grammar issues. On the top of a powerful spell checker, they also have a helpful blog on various English grammar topics. The book Common Errors in English Usage is also available online. Here, you will find information on the common mistakes, proper writing and usage of the words.

Asking a Friend for Help

The Internet is a place where you can most certainly find your friend at any time. Use this opportunity to ask them for help when you need any. Just fire them a message on Facebook or via WhatsApp.

Access to Numerous Resources for Research

Most students would go to Wikipedia, because it’s really huge. Still, it is not considered a reliable tool by the scholars. Although it’s not a proper source of information, its articles still provide useful references that you can start from. On the other hand, there are free resources like Google Books and Google Scholar, which you can access from anywhere. What’s more, your university likely provides you with access to certain research databases, such as JSTOR, Web of Science, EBSCO, Questia, and many more.

Formatting and Style Guides

Your college website should have something resembling a style and formatting guide for your school papers. If you don’t have such resource, then you can go to Purdue University Online Writing Lab. They have guidelines for popular academic styles (MLA, APA, and Chicago), as well as general writing tips.

Collaboration Tools

When you are doing a group project, you might try doing it online. Such collaboration tools as Google Drive allow that. All you need is to create a document and enable editing for certain people. This way, all of you can work on the document simultaneously while seen each other’s progress and contributions.

Online Forums to Ask Others for Help

Last but not least, students can be a great force if united. Some platforms, such as The Student Room and The International Student Forum allow students to seek help among the peers and engage in valuable discussions on certain study topics — for example when arguing about the usage of a particular word or the meaning of a certain archaic phrase.

Use the Internet when doing your English homework. It has an arsenal of tools that will help you get along with the academic style, check your mistakes, explain the meaning of a word, or be a source for research materials. Nevertheless, use the Internet smartly and beware of distractors like Facebook and YouTube. Otherwise, you might need much more time to get over with that English essay.

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