4 Free Cloud Storage Websites to Do My Essay Online


essay onlineWhen it comes to writing essays, present-day students are switching from the standard offline office software to cloud-based solutions. Most of them will assure you that, “It’s much better to do my essay online.” Indeed, as our computers got portable, we start to use this flexibility to our convenience. Below, we will dwell upon the advantages of doing our homework online and give an example of 4 free cloud storage websites students could use.

Nowadays, we can write our essays from just about anywhere, a library, a coffee shop, a friend’s place. Crafting a thesis statement on our way home, creating an outline while drinking our favorite vanilla latte, doing some research while waiting for a friend, and finishing the paper in the kitchen just before the dinner — this is reality for many of us. Thanks to web-based solutions, it is possible to pick the essay right from where we left it, regardless of whether we are using our laptop, a smartphone, or a friend’s tablet.

While we are enjoying the perks of writing essays online and access them anywhere and anytime, our teachers benefit as well. Now, excuses like “my younger brother has accidently deleted the file” or “my Word suddenly crashed” don’t work anymore. Forgot to save your essay and send it to your teacher? Open it from your smartphone and send them the link. It really is much more convenient.

So what are the best services that you can use to have your essays online and access them any moment? Below are the four most popular cloud storage websites that won’t fail you. Their free packages have a limited storage, but it is still plenty.


Dropbox is probably the most universal cloud storage solution. Its main advantage is that it is available for every operating system. With a free plan, you can have up to 10GB of available storage or even more if you invite friends and install their app on multiple devices. A free plan allows you to drop your essay files into your Dropbox folder, access it from anywhere and share the link to your essay with others.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best when it comes to free storage and additional possibilities. All you need is to have a Google account, and you are ready to create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and even illustrations. All files are sharable, and you can even collaborate with your fellow students on written assignments and school projects.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive works best for Windows users. Although the free plan has limited features, the Windows 10 version has Office 365 integrated in it, which means that all your Word files can be accessed and edited online.

Apple iCloud Drive

This cloud storage is available for Mac users, but it can be installed on Windows PCs as well. Its online version is accessible from a browser. iCloud Drive is automatically integrated with a range of productivity apps native for Mac OS (Pages, Numbers, etc.) and offers sharing and collaboration features. Still, it is relatively expensive as compared to its competitors.

So, summing it up, you don’t need to write your essays offline in a text editor and save them locally on your device in order to send it to your instructor later. You can simply use an online service like Google Drive to start an essay right in the cloud, continue crafting it from any browser later, and then simply share a link with your professor. Consider keeping your essays online, and you will be sure that they are out there to be shared, reviewed, and accessed a few years later.

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