Extremely Helpful “Do My Homework” App List for Your Smartphone


homework app listIs there a do my homework app that you can install on your mobile device and use every day to check homework and improve grades? Actually, there is a number of these. Some of them will provide you with the specific information that you require, some will help you solve a maths problem, and others will help you organize your homework and set priorities. Let us overview 5 apps that will come in handy when sit down with your home assignment.

1. SparkNotes

This free app for iOS and Android devices will provide literature students with the study guides that they require. It is a great find for those who study poetry, literature, including Shakespeare, or philosophy. It will guide you through a particular short story or will help you understand a complex nature of a certain villain in the English literature. What’s great, the app allows downloading study guides and accessing them offline from a mobile device.

2. iHomework

Although this app will not help you cheat and do your assignments for you, it will keep them organized. The app comes at cost of only $1.99, and it’s a really useful tool for any kind of students. You can set a calendar of all your classes and home assignments with due dates. The app will help you manage your time and your study sessions. What’s more, it will keep you informed on the most pressing tasks.

3. Wolfram Alpha

This app is a treasure that comes at price of $2.99 and is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Consider it as a powerful database in your pocket. The app helps you find formulas and solutions to various equations. It also provides you with data on countries, serves as a dictionary of terms in all kinds of disciplines, from linguistics to engineering and natural sciences. Just download it and explore its endless possibilities.

4. Hemingway App

Hemingway app is both a desktop app and a website. Here, you can copy and paste your text and have it analyzed by a built-in proofreader and editor. The program evaluates the usage of words in your essays and the structure of sentences. It highlights the ones that need to be improved, changed, or completely removed. It is a great tool for all students struggling with their writing assignments.

5. Thesaurus REX

This is your another tool for writing essays. You must have faced the problem of overusing a certain word. With this app, you can search for synonyms that will make your writing more pleasant and appealing. This free app will provide you over 550,000 synonyms, among which you will find the word you are looking for.

6. Slader

This app is available only for iOS users at the time. It is free, but offers a number of advanced features that you can add by paying a certain price. The app allows students of maths and science collaborate by helping each other with homework. Students can take a picture of a math problem with an in-app camera feature and post it online, so that other app users can help with the solution.

There are many more apps that are created for students to help them with home assignments. While you can easily find and download them, it is important that you don’t use these tools for cheating. When you can sit down and do your homework yourself, it is always better to do so, even if it takes some time.

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