7 Guidelines to Do My Math Homework Online like a Pro


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Studying math is always a real challenge. To be good at it, you have to do your homework. Like, every single task. This way, you’ll practice and will be able to understand the subject better. “How do I do my math homework online without much fuss?” you might ask. Just keep calm: we’ll give you some tips on how to master your math online. Follow them and get your tasks done.

1. Use cloud storage

If you don’t like to pour over your homework for long, use cloud storage to access it anywhere. Depending on your operating system, you’d want to make use of the built-in cloud services. Just save your working files to Apple’s iCloud or Microsoft’s OneDrive and get back to them later online. You can also use universal apps like Google Drive or Dropbox. Save and store your math homework, or collaborate on it with classmates.

2. Install an app that silences distractions

There are too many distractions that lead you off the path of productivity. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, Buzzfeed, apps like Snapchat or numerous messengers can all be potent time killers. Eliminate them with the help of a special app. For instance, Freedom (iOS) will block apps and websites both on your phone and your laptop. It just doesn’t let the apps refresh during your working time. You also can try out Offtime or BreakFree (both for iOS and Android) that will help you control your smartphone addiction. For a better result though, general advice would be to turn off your phone while you’re working.

3. Let your paid subscription to Netflix expire

If you are addicted to Netflix (like many of us), just stop binge-watching it. If self-control is out of question here, then just cancel your subscription or let it expire. Remember that you need to focus on studying, which is pretty hard with access to an abundant source of addictive TV shows. If you’ll miss it badly, you can always drop at a friend’s place and watch Netflix together.

4. Use only reliable sources

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s math you’re studying — you still have to write an occasional paper even for this discipline. Treat it just like your English, history, or science paper: always provide references and use only credible sources. These might be research papers in journals, scholar websites, monographs or textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, or news articles in trusted magazines.

5. Use a special homework app

There are lots of productivity and time tracking apps that will help you plan and structure your work. Try out The Homework App, myHomework, StudentLife, or Assignments. If you need something specific, you can check out Photomath which will magically solve your math problems once you’ve taken their picture with your camera. Or find a solution to your problem with Slader or yHomework. And if you haven’t got Wolfram Alpha, you should get the app asap—apart from math, it will be your essential tool for all subjects.

6. Get out of your home

There are too many things at home that could only distract you from your math task. One of them is a fridge which you’ll somehow will want to check every now and then. Another one might be a messy bookshelf that you’ll feel the urge to tidy up. And there’s a luring TV set with lots of promises. Oh, and your lovely pet who will need “just a tiny bit” of your attention. Better secure yourself in a neighborhood cafe or in a college library where time is limited, and the seductions are non-present.

7. Try the Pomodoro technique

You’ve probably heard of it. It’s about setting your timer for 25 minutes and focusing on your assignment, then taking a 5-minute break and repeating the session. During the breaks, do a little stretching instead of surfing the web, and you’ll see that you’re being productive. The method not only allows you to focus on the task, but it’s also good for time management: it lets you control time spent on each assignment while teaching you some self-discipline.

You can see that doing math homework is not that different from doing homework in general. You’ll need to reduce distractions, manage your time effectively, and maybe get a tool that will help you with math assignments. Be sure to treat your homework seriously, and you’ll be rewarded.

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