How to Become a Better Writer While Drafting a Proposal


writer gifA research proposal is one of the most important written assignments in your college life. When crafted properly, it will be your first step to writing a thesis paper. So you want to make sure that your draft research paper proposal shines. How to achieve this? First of all, bear in mind that a proposal is a piece of writing. And you have to write it really well. Below, we’ve prepared you our 5 tips on how to do it excellently.

1. Read the First

Before you write your proposal, make sure you’ve read enough material on the topic. There is a general saying that great writers are great readers. This applies to research proposals too. You need to browse through tons of relevant information to understand your research problem well. Besides, you should be able to defend the importance of your prospective research, which is why you should know the context and applications of your future paper.

2. Be Clear

Clarity is everything. Write in such a way that even a person who’s not familiar with the topic can understand you. Picture writing for a friend whose intelligence level is the same as yours. How will you present your topic to them? Or even send your draft to a friend and see if they have any questions.

3. Be Concise

Unlike an actual research paper, a proposal is defined by brevity. The writing space is too valuable. That’s why you need to make sure every word is in the right place. Question every word in the title, thesis statement, and statement of the problem. If something feels superfluous or odd, then leave it out. Moreover, you should be able to define every word you use, so ensure you know what you are writing.

4. Stick to the Point

Make sure that your main point is clear from the beginning. Introduce it in your thesis statement, and move from there to the other parts of your proposal. Also, always get back to the point to ensure the consistency and clarity. Assure that everything is logically interconnected and is related to the key sentence.

5. Revise

Revise what you’ve written. Check everything, and start by overviewing the structure. Then look at every element of your draft research proposal closely, from the intro to conclusion, and verify that they are clear, concise, and powerful. Pay attention to the way you’ve written each of your sentences. Shorten the ones that are too long, and turn the overly simple ones into complex.

Drafting a proposal for a research paper is very similar to writing a short story. The only differences are that your characters are the concepts of a certain discipline, and that the language you use is formal and academical. If you are not sure whether your piece of writing is good enough to be accepted and approved, search for the tips from good writers. Follow their advice to craft a decent piece of paper that engages the reader and persuades him or her that your future study is really interesting and purposeful.

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