5 Reasons You Must Write Essays on Homework


homework essayWe live in the age of redefinition and reorganization of education system – things that were considered natural and self-evident for ages are being reviewed and sometimes found wanting. In such conditions, writing essays on homework is only natural – it is a traditional part of education and there is many interesting topics to discuss about it.

1. Benefits of Homework

Homework has been considered an integral part of educational process for about as long as education existed – surely, there is supposed to be a good reason for it? If homework has been and is still being used so extensively, doesn’t it mean that united efforts of all the world’s educators weren’t capable of producing anything comparable in terms of efficiency?

There is a lot of argument about homework nowadays, but one cannot deny that it has its points. Time a person physically spends in a school, college or other educational institution is limited, as is amount of work that can realistically be done in the course of lessons. Separating part of this work to be done at home is only natural – it helps students memorize things, practice and learn independently.

2. Homework Overload and Its Consequences

Even those supporting the idea of homework usually agree that there should be a limit on how much of it a student should be given. Homework may assist learning but, just like all the other good things, too much of it turns into poison. Homework overload is known to cause fatigue, stress and even psychosomatic illnesses. In the long run, it will cause exactly the opposite effect to what is intended.

3. No Homework Trend

There is a research trend suggesting the idea that homework has little to no educational value, and in case of young children it may have an overall negative effect on learning. However, there is no unanimously accepted view on the subject among the scientific community, and there are only a limited number of schools using no-homework policy, and its effects cannot be reliably evaluated. What is your opinion?

4. Alternatives to Homework

Homework receives a lot of criticism today, but what exactly can replace it in school and college? Those opposing the idea of homework usually advocate the principle of self-study – according to no-homework policy, students are supposed to find things to study on their own and direct their activities of their own accord. Is such an approach viable? Can students (especially young children) really direct their educational pursuits?

5. Creative Approaches to Homework

Developments in technology, especially IT technology, open up new venues and possibilities for teachers who want to engage their students in useful, instructional and interesting activities. In what ways can new technologies be used to make homework less boring and more diverse? How can homework be reimagined in our digital age?

As you may see, there is much more about homework than meets the eye. Whether you are a proponent or opponent of the idea, there is a lot to discuss, research and learn about the subject – and to write about.

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