Catch the Odds: Pros and Cons of Free Online Tutoring



Traditionally, we have always learned in the classroom. As things are becoming more and more technologically advanced, there are different options for learning to take place. One of these is online tutoring.

Normally, you pay for the service of having someone to help you with your studies whether it’s online or not. However, there are actually many free online tutoring services that you can take an advantage of.

It’s okay to be wary of these free services. You have every right to be. After all, how do you know it will truly be effective? Just know that there are good companies and people who don’t mind tutoring for free.

Pros of Free Online Tutoring

  • It’s free! Nothing beats free, especially when education is normally very expensive. Even if you aren’t completely happy with the results of the tutoring, you can take comfort in the fact that you haven’t wasted any money trying it out.
  • It’s convenient! Since it’s online, all you need is a computer and the Internet to get started. You can be in bed, at a café, or wherever! That’s the great thing about technology.
  • There are many tutors available! Online, there is a larger selection of tutors to choose among, so you can find the right fit for you. Because it’s free, you won’t waste money on lessons while trying to find a tutor you are truly compatible with at the same time.
  • Record sessions and have digital notes! Online tutoring allows for you to be able to record what is taking place in the class to review it later. More resources are available too.

Cons of Free Tutoring

  • It doesn’t always work out as you expect. Some subjects, in general, are just better when taught in person. Also, you won’t know how the experience will be until you try it, and you may find that free equals lower quality of instruction.
  • It’s not personalized. It would be very rare to find a one-on-one tutoring session for free online. Instead, online free tutoring usually means that you will be in a virtual group, or watching something that was prerecorded.
  • It may be a scam or a feeder program. Some services are very intelligent and will hook you with what is actually a free trial. After that, they will ask you to pay.
  • You are responsible for yourself. This can either be good or bad, but as with anything online, no one is telling you to go to class or show up at a certain time. Since it’s free, it’ll be easier for you to opt out on the days you don’t feel like studying because you don’t have an obligation.

When it comes down to it, there is really no harm in giving online tutoring a try, especially since it’s free. Although, there are good and bad things to each side. You won’t know how you will react or what you will gain until you try it for yourself, so take the plunge!

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