How I Improve My Writing without Being Aware


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As a student, you probably want to receive the best grades. It’s pretty easy when it comes to group discussions and practical lessons, but writing… It’s a completely different story. “How I improve my writing in the fun and efficient way?” you might ask. We have some good news: to write better, you don’t need to learn the hard stuff, such as structure and the basics of logic (however, it still would be helpful). We’ve prepared for you some tips on how to improve your English and become a better writer that don’t feel like learning.

Read a Lot

There is a saying that good writers are always good readers. And that’s true. The more you read, the more sophisticated becomes your language and the more ideas you will get for your own writing. So, please, consume information from different sources — not just articles on the Internet, but also non-fiction books. Subscribe to periodicals, such as The New Yorker – they have brilliant examples of writing! Also, don’t ignore fairytales. They might not just enhance your vocabulary, but also exercise your imagination.

Watch News, Films, TV Shows

This way of improving your language skills will come sweet and easy. Probably you are watching something right now, while doing your homework. Just pay attention to words and phrases, terms, and interesting data that you can use in your essays. Still, beware of the colloquialisms that won’t be suitable for your academic paper.

Playing Board Games

Learning by playing is the most awesome thing. Play card games to boost your imagination and storytelling skills. Play word games with friends and family to expand your vocabulary. What’s most important, have lots of fun while playing.

Subscribe to a “Word of the Day” Newsletter

This method is perfect for learning new words and idioms. Moreover, you don’t need to do anything, except opening your mailbox every day to unpack a new verbal delight. It won’t take much time, and in half a year you’ll be like a walking encyclopedia.

Keep a Journal

While you might be thinking that it’s a thing of the past, paper journals are actually back. Get yourself a pretty notebook to put your thoughts on the paper. If you don’t have a notebook, your Facebook account will perfectly support you as well. On the other hand, you can talk to a voice recorder. This way, you will practice your storytelling and impromptu speaking. As you listen to your recordings, you can think of the ways to improve the way you express your thoughts.

Write a Certain Number of Words Every Day

There is a great method called “750 words”. According to it, you need to write 3 pages of text every day. While it sounds like hard work, the secret is that you can write anything you want even random things that come to your mind.

Surely, you can think of some more great ways to improve your writing and language skills, without even knowing it. Try something new every day, consume information, play with it, and transform it into stories and essays. Remember that there’s no limit to perfection!

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