How to Prepare Personal Essays and Their Topics


Writing is the best way for you to express and learn more about yourself. So, identify what you need to do from the teacher and explore these possible essay topics for 4th class students. Keep in mind that personal essay demands a big idea that is maintained by evidence in the form of real-life stories.

  1. What Makes You Happy?
  2. What Is Your Favorite Lesson from a Book/Movie, etc?
  3. Do You Consider Yourself as Positive Person?
  4. What Is Your Favorite Game?
  5. What Are Your Talents?
  6. People Who Inspire You.
  7. The Best Teacher You Have/Had.
  8. What Is Your Favorite Part of the School Day?
  9. Do You Have a Good Memory?
  10. Have You Ever Gone to the Summer Camp? Did You Like It?
  11. What May You Do to Show Your Grandparents How Much You Love Them?
  12. What Do You Admire Most about Your Parents?
  13. What Is Your Favorite Kind of Food?
  14. Your Best Day.
  15. Your Homework Place.
  16. Things You See When You Take a Walk.
  17. Sports that You Like.
  18. What Do You Dream About?
  19. Your House Pets.
  20. Your Favorite Clothes.
  21. Your School Friends.

Essay Topics for 4th Class Students

The list of prompts above requires young writers to reflect on real events, their emotions, and preferences. You may choose the option “private” if you don’t want anyone to read the essay.

After you’ve finished writing, you can share it with your peers. You may also use some background music to create some special informal atmosphere.

Use Daybooks

Such daybook allows students organizing their thoughts better. It fits desktop and mobile devices that makes it more relevant. Also, young students can be easily engaged to use the new version of a diary than a paper notebook. So, you can write your personal essays in this daybook and get detailed feedback from the teacher to work on your skills.

Writing Tips

  • Work in pairs as partners and then independently find out big ideas and share them with the class.
  • Collect big ideas all the year to start writing based on this material.
  • Ask teacher to share previous student personal essays as the examples.
  • Use pre-writing strategies involving brainstorming, drawing, etc.
  • Focus on the significance of the key topic.
  • Switch between the supporting ideas and arguments.
  • Discuss writing.
  • Make subjects and verbs agree.
  • Make them try different strategies to spell correctly.
  • Use effective connective words.
  • Employ a natural style of writing.
  • Highlight writer’s insights and reflection.
  • Describe one’s point of view.
  • Work on achieving successful storytelling and eliminate wordiness.

The first personal essays are very important for the students to build a foundation for further writing. So, make sure that you understood each detail, have clear expectations and receive support from the teacher with all needed resources.

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