How to Structure a Good Essay to Make It as Readable as Possible


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Writing an essay is only a tiny fraction of the deal. In fact, if you are only needed to write a certain number of pages, that would be an outrageously simple task. 3 pages would be done in 20 minutes! However, the most important thing, while writing an essay, is to make it consistent and readable. For this purpose, you need to adhere to a strict structure. So, what are the main elements and how to structure an essay? Read on to learn some useful tips.

Size Matters

First of all, the size of your essay matters. A typical one is about 2 or 3 pages long. However, it depends on many factors, such as your subject and topic, supervisor’s requirements, and many more. The essay should consist of not less than 5 paragraphs.

Essay Structure

Now, consider the main parts of your essay. Surely, there must be three main components: the introduction, main body and conclusion. The order is evident. It means, when sketching an essay, you should present your topic in the beginning, provide the main facts and ideas in the body, and then summarize your paper and bring it to the next level.


Many readers scan the paper before they actually read it. They are going to focus on your introduction, as they want to know what the text is about. The opening sentence will be their first checkpoint. So place a hook there to grab your reader’s attention from the very beginning. Then, a robust thesis statement will give him/her a clear idea about the content.

Main Body

Remember about the 5-paragraph structure? Three of the five paragraphs must belong to the body. Three pieces of evidence are enough to convince the reader, and three facts might be enough to familiarize the readers with the issue or idea. Arrange your points from the weakest to the strongest one, to cause raising interest.

In order to maintain the structure, your essay has to contain “glue” — transitions. They are words and phrases that keep your text together and let one idea smoothly flow into another. They also make it easier for the reader to jump between the paragraphs, from the intro to the body, and from the body to the conclusion.


In conclusion, you should remind your reader of the main points (especially if your essay is a long one). You might also restate the thesis statement. But the most important task for your conclusion is to provide the reader with the steps to follow. Apart from call to action, recommendations will do great.

When you write an essay, always think of it as a construction that your readers must walk through to grasp your idea. Therefore, you should think about its shape and components from the very beginning till the bitter end. Finally, one more great tip on how to structure a good essay is to make an outline of your paper. It will help you see the whole thing in your mind and then stick to the point while writing. You can do an experiment: write one essay without an outline and the other with it. Then show them both to some of your mates and ask them to give you some feedback. We bet that the previously-outlined paper will get more points.

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