7 Free Sources to Get Strong MBA Application Essay Samples


If you’re applying for a reputable, well-respected MBA program, you are likely aware that these programs can be highly competitive. When crafting your essay, you no doubt want to convey the absolutely best portrayal of yourself. The admission team will review your essay and evaluate how well you have met several requirements.


First, they will want to see who you are. How does your personal application essay fit into the bigger story at the university? An admission essay isn’t always about selecting the most qualified candidate based on academic or personal qualifications, but it is about finding the person that best fits the current climate. The admissions team will also look for a message that is clearly conveyed, and demonstrates that you have the traits necessary to be a successful business leader. Are you a leader? Do you have a can-do attitude and passion for the field?

With all these considerations in mind, figuring out how to craft your admissions essay can be daunting. Where should you go to find MBA application essay samples? Luckily, there are a few simple, easy-to-find places that can give you endless supplies of essay examples.

1. Friends

Do you have any friends who have recently applied to business schools? Were they successful? Take a look at their admission essays to see what worked – or perhaps, what didn’t.

2. Relatives

Again, like friends, you may have relatives who recently have applied or are currently applying to business school. Reach out to them and see if they have any essays that might fit the bill. If they don’t, they might know someone who does.

3. Professors

If you are currently enrolling in an undergraduate business program, your close professors are great resources to ask for help as well. Not only can they help you find free samples of MBA application essays but they can also aid in writing, revising, and submitting your copy of an admission essay as well. They might also have access to exclusive resources that allow them to share and review business essays, too – and if you’re nice, they might be willing to share!

4. Tutors

Most college campuses have on-campus tutors. Investigate and see if your college campus is one of those that do have. Campus tutors are often familiar with graduate school admission essays and can help you find resources that include sample works. They may have worked with business school applicants in the past and will not only know how to craft the essay but where to find samples free of charge.

5. Online-Free Writing Services

There are countless writing services and websites available online to help you find free MBA essay samples. Websites include Aringo and Accepted, both of which post countless samples of successful student work. Be careful not to plagiarize!

6. Textbooks and Study Books

Although these aren’t always free resources, if you can find them at yard sales or thrift shops, they can be low-cost (or sometimes free as well!). Textbooks and study books about how to get into business school often contain samples of admission essays that are guaranteed to get you accepted.

7. Admissions Teams

When nothing works, consider contacting the admissions team at the school to which you are applying. In many cases, these professionals want nothing more than to help you out as you apply to the business school. They may have samples of essays that they enjoyed in the past, or be willing to provide you with specific pointers on how to craft your own essay.

When all else fails, consider turning inwards for help. Crafting the best admission essay isn’t about what others have written, but what you are able to write. Although sample essays are a great way to get yourself started, ultimately, your goal should be to truly shine in your own unique paper.

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