Want to Get an Online Linguistics Degree? Consider Your Options!


student is preparing for online linguistics degreeOne would think that education in linguistics by definition requires some on-site learning, and those who are unable, unwilling or have no opportunity or enough time to attend a usual college are out of luck. However, quite a few universities seem to have a different opinion on the matter – which means that you can get an online linguistics degree and be sure it is going to be as valuable as a usual one.

1. Monash University – Applied Linguistics

Applied linguistics deals with the application of linguistic science to various social and occupational contexts in which languages and their interaction play an especially important role. This course is aimed primarily at people interested in careers in language education, be it teaching foreign languages or English as a second language.

2. Nicholls State University – Bachelor of Arts in English

This degree is a traditional English major, with special emphasis to British, American and World literature and an opportunity to take additional courses studying various genres of literature and film. The only difference is that it is an online degree and, therefore, a lot cheaper than your average degree of this kind.

3. Stellenbosch University – Second Language Studies

Second languages are an important fact of everyday life in South Africa – after all, it is a country with eleven official languages, with English serving as a kind of intermediary means of communication, although only about 9% can call it their primary language. This means that an individual’s success and competitiveness there depends to a large extent on their ability to acquire second languages, which makes Stellenbosch University one of the best authorities on the subject. This interdisciplinary course deals with the phenomenon of second languages from a number of perspectives, and will be suited for those interested in careers of translators, interpreters, teachers, language therapists and many other related fields.

4. American Public University – Bachelor of Arts in English

American Public University is probably one of the best online colleges nowadays. Concentrating on American, British and world literature, it is nevertheless a flexible degree allowing one to pursue careers in anything from journalism to teaching to public relations, and more. It takes special pride in its faculty, including a number of well-known scholars, writers and artists.

5. Leicester University – Linguistics MA

This course is aimed at those interested in linguistics per se – it offers an impressive base of knowledge for an in-depth study of the English language and allows you to improve you linguistic skill paying special attention to those areas you consider to be the most important and interesting for you personally. In addition to that, students are expected to develop communication skills as well as abilities in collecting, analyzing and utilizing data from various sources.

As you may see, various linguistic degrees are more than readily available – the Internet provides a wide choice of courses tailored to every taste and need. And distance learning gives you opportunities to get education in places that would be virtually unreachable by any other means.

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