20 Biology Essay Topics Trending in 2016


nature around us - write about itWhen you are writing an essay on biology, you need to make sure that your topic is up to date. Even more, you may want to pick a trendy topic. You might face a problem with choosing one for your paper. The first reason might be that there are too many of them that seem fascinating and worth attention. The second one might be that it’s often hard to reduce a broad area of research to one particular aspect. We will give you some tricks on how to easily come up with great topics. As a bonus, we’ve already picked some of hot biology essay topics below.

When choosing a biology topic, make sure you know what’s going on. Subscribe to some biology-related digest or personalize Google News, so that you’ll get your news immediately. You can also listen to people and what they are talking about — you might get some cool ideas from them. Or, you can become a member of a local group of biology enthusiasts. By listening, reading, and searching for the information, you will develop a strong interest in some topics.

The only thing that’s left is to narrow down your topic to a single aspect and stick to it in your essay. You can think of something that you feel particularly strong about, or, on the contrary, something that you would like to research more. This is how you isolate and shape up your topic. As an example, see the list of 20 topics that will make your biology essay rock in 2016.

  • Antiviral Resistant Flu Viruses — What Could Be Done?
  • Rewriting Human DNA: The Future Is Coming
  • How Vaccination Helps Humans Stop the Epidemics
  • Looking for Scientific Bases of Traditional Medicine
  • Are We Close to the Cure from Aging?
  • Stem Cells: Is It Really the Solution to All Our Problems?
  • Should Scientists Be Able to Clone Extinct Animals?
  • The Latest Findings on Cannabis and Its Impact on Mental Health
  • The Possibility of Hibernation in Humans
  • Viruses as Biological Weapons
  • Natural Cures for Depression That Are Easily Accessible
  • The Story of Our Origins That Fossil DNA Can Tell
  • Can Cancer Ever Be Cured? Are We Getting Any Closer?
  • Species That Go Extinct These Days Are Likely to Leave No Trace in the Future
  • The Minimum Requirements for Life Forms to Live
  • 3D Printing in Treating Heart Problems
  • Evidence-based Pros and Cons of Paleo Diet
  • Nanotechnologies in Fighting Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
  • Where Does the Zika Virus Come from?
  • CRISPR and the Prospective of “Designer Babies”

From virology to cloning and DNA research, we have carefully hand-picked all of the topics above. They represent today’s hot issues in biology, which are discussed by the scientific community a lot. You will be able to find enough information on each of them to conduct your research and answer your essay’s main questions. By choosing one of those or making up a similar one, you will demonstrate your interest in the discipline and its trends, as well as your involvement in the field-related controversial issues.

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