Pros and Cons of Free Online Essays in English


Writing can be an exhausting process, particularly as words run together and sentences start to sound silly. Using a free essay seems like the best idea on the planet. But, is it? Probably not, especially if you plan on using free online essays in English for your graded assignment. Using a free online essay might be highly tempting, but it is not a wise decision.

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Writing an essay is hard work, but turning in a free essay for a grade will only get you into trouble. If you found the essay online, so your instructor can see it. If you turn the essay in for a mark, you will most likely get in trouble for plagiarism. This will create more problems for you than if you just wrote an essay on your own. The biggest problem with free online essays in English is that they appear on plagiarism-checking apps.


There is one good way to use a free online essay. The only way to use a free online essay is as a template for your own essay. Notice what type of attention-getter the author used. Then check out the bridge that leads to the thesis statement. In the body paragraphs, look at the placement of the topic sentences and how they refer back to the thesis. Then, notice the examples and explanations. When you get to the conclusion, see how the author referred back to the thesis and read the call to action. With your own essay, you can use the same number of sentences and placement, so your essay follows a traditional format. This might sound like an easy thing to do, but it is nearly impossible for people who find essays challenging to write.

Good Alternative

Instead of using free online essays in English and potentially getting in trouble, it is better to find a professional writer to craft a unique text just for you. There are plenty of outstanding writers available online who can write an essay about any topic in a limited amount of time. When you hire a writer instead of using a free essay, you do not need to worry about plagiarism, because the essay will be written for you. Professional writers will often guarantee specific grades, and they usually have quality samples to show you, so you know you will get a quality product that will meet the requirements of the assignment.

With so many professional academic writers that are easy to find, no student in high school or college should ever struggle with an essay assignment again. You should not have to sift through free essays to find one that is about your chosen topic and hope that your instructor does not run it through a plagiarism checker. Instead, you can guarantee that you will get a good grade by hiring someone who loves to write and will craft a 100% unique essay from scratch about any topic you choose. What are you waiting for?

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