Sample Deforestation Essay: What Is Waiting for Us in 10 Years


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Deforestation occurs for many reasons, some of which may seem to be valid from certain perspectives. Those who cut down forests are often doing so to provide essential resources to the global population.

However, there are very serious potential consequences to consider when covering the issue of deforestation. According to experts, within the next 10 years alone, the destruction of the world’s forests could have a major, negative impact on the lives of all people. That’s why it’s important to better understand the ways in which deforestation can affect the world in the near future.
First of all, deforestation is regarded as a major contributor to climate change. That’s because trees and other plant life naturally consume carbon dioxide in the air. By removing a large portion of the trees and plants currently in existence, deforestation results in higher levels of carbon dioxide. If this problem is not addressed, sea levels could rise, displacing thousands or even millions of people. The ensuing refugee crisis would be unlike any the world has ever seen before. On the top of that, many port cities contribute essential resources to inland portions of their countries. If sea levels rise high enough, those countries will have to look elsewhere for said resources.
Deforestation also destroys the natural habitats of many living creatures. Within the next quarter century, some experts predict that the destruction of the world’s forests will result in the extinction of almost 30,000 species. The next decade alone could result in almost 10,000 species lost to extinction.
The quality of drinking water in areas near rainforests may also suffer as a result of deforestation. Usually, tree roots serve to absorb water, preventing erosion. However, when an area is deforested, most of the trees are removed, and water flows more freely through the soil. When this happens, contaminants from the soil can more easily make their way into the groundwater of a given region. This results in poor-quality drinking water, which can spread diseases and cause major health crises.
Water quality issues aside, it’s also important to remember that when tree roots are not absorbing water, flooding is more likely. Deforestation already displaces a large number of rural communities that have traditionally lived in these areas. Relocating to nearby areas is not a feasible option if those areas are vulnerable to flooding.
Granted, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the impact of deforestation. Both individuals and companies can make the decision to plant trees in areas that have been deforested, replacing those that were cut down. On a more personal level, consumers can also research which companies participate in deforestation, making sure to avoid their products in the future.
That said, such measures may not be enough. To ensure that the next generation isn’t majorly affected by deforestation, some degree of legislation may be required in order to hold organizations to a global standard. It will be interesting to see how this particular issue develops in the coming years.


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