Sample Essay on Flood: How Jacksonville Enjoys a New Lease on Life after a Hurricane Irma


When writing any essay, a lot depends on the topic of your assignment. This choice may be your own or the topic may be assigned by your academic supervisor. For instance, you will have to write an essay on flood. Currently, the consequences of the hurricane Irma are highly disputed throughout the world, as well as in the United States of America.


There were made many reports about the effects of this natural catastrophe in Jacksonville. Let’s imagine that you should write an essay dwelling on this issues. This essay sample will help you understand how to compose a masterpiece.

Hurricane is one of the various natural catastrophes, which occurs pretty often and triggers different problems. The latest and most highly disputed hurricane called Irma has rolled throughout the world and did not miss the USA. It caused multiple damages and took lives of people. One of the most noticeable places where it caused great problems was Jacksonville, Florida.

The natural disaster hit the city of Jacksonville hard and led to utterly negative consequences. It goes without saying that it brought to ruin many houses and buildings, crashed and even washed away vehicles and all kinds of things. Many people lost their possessions and suffered hard from this horrible happening. When talking about the state of Florida in general, approximately 12.5 million Floridians were left without power. This makes 65% of the entire population of the state.

One of the most outstanding and terrifying facts associated with this hurricane is that it sufficiently increased the amount of flood. It peaked in Jacksonville and reached a great record. The citizens of the city told that they got used to floods. This is no novelty for them. Notwithstanding, they had never seen such huge flood inflows.

At times, the height of water reached the shoulder of an average adult. Irma unleashed a record flooding – 5.57 feet. It left behind itself widespread damage, ripping roofs off and a great trail of dangerous debris. The category of Irma was “5”. This was the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the open Atlantic. The peak speed of its winds was 185 mph. This is a terrifying speed.

This was not a one-day event. Such high waters that got 3 inches higher of the normal flood stage induced great damage and did not pass away quickly. Thousands of homes and roads need repairs. The economy of the USA lost billions of dollars. Time is needed to remove all the consequences and get back to the senses from the real horror. Luckily, there were no reports of human death cases in the city.

The main objective of the US government is to implement effective systems of predictions to make people ready for such heavy devastation. It is necessary to predict possible outcomes, as well as quick and effective measures to cope with them. People should be aware of the danger and get prepared.


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