Sample Essay on High School: Students Wouldn’t Survive without Modern Technologies


One of the most common and frequently assigned academic tasks at high schools is to write different kinds of essays. This activity is utterly important because it shows the level of knowledge and gained learning skills of the students.

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This essay on high school will serve as an example of how to perform a common essay. Its topic is related to the interaction human-technology, its pros and cons as well as a monologue about the importance of technology for the students from all over the world.

The current world we know cannot be imagined without technology. Of course, some may disagree, but there are a few numbers of such people. Each day, if not hour or minute, the most brilliant minds of our planet invent new devices, which are responsible for this or that function. Technology is needed for the modern society because we got used and even addicted to it. It helps fulfill a lot of things and sufficiently eases our life. Students use modern technologies as well, and they don’t seem to be able to refuse them.

A modern student is strongly dependent on the assistance of intelligent devices and applications that greatly help in learning and everyday routine. It seems that the technology is one of the keys to the successful studying. Is that really so? It’s necessary to consider this question from different angles.

Technology speeds up the search of information and provides with enormous amounts of informative sources. It promotes creativity, encourages innovation, efficacy, and productivity of students. It makes education more convenient. Students learn a lot in a blink of an eye. Interactive tools help get a better focus and ignite the desire to study harder.

On the other hand, technology makes people addicted and almost helpless without it. Many who feel loneliness, as they are torn off from the reality. Students cannot imagine their life without all those helpful tools that fulfill almost all necessary functions. Therefore, when they cannot use any device, they grow desperate and start to panic. This is a great drawback because most students aren’t able to think without digital assistants.

It is important to find the middle-ground. Technology should be used when it is really required – finding information, communicating, and something of the kind. Nevertheless, it should not fulfill merely all duties of the students. Each student has to be self-confident and rely on his/her possibilities and talents first. This is a crucial fact.

As you can see, this is a pretty tricky issue. Technology has both advantages and disadvantages. It is up to each student whether to use digital devices for their studies or not. At any rate, there will always be those who would like to use technology and people who would oppose it. Undoubtedly, the benefits acquired thanks to modern technologies are indisputably huge, and they make all those smart devices and useful applications so popular amongst students.


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