3 Tips to Enter a College in NY You Have Been Dreaming about for a Long


Being a high-school graduate is said to open many perspectives for a person: there are so many colleges to choose from and so numerous to apply to. But a college in NY is a great dream of most potential freshmen. The application requirements are different from those in many other US locations. If you want to enter a NY college, you need to learn a few rules and pay attention to the tips we provide.

What Should a Complete Application Include?

There are 4 main points:

  1. CUNY Freshman Applications. It is applied online;
  2. scores (either ACT or SAT);
  3. fee ($65);
  4. school transcript.

If an applicant has graduated from a school that is in a different country, it is a must to evaluate the transcript. There are special services that can do this. NY colleges usually accept those evaluated by Josef Silny & Associates, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc., Transcript Research or Evaluation Service, etc.

When approaching any of the official services, you are to apply an official evaluation report. The latter one must include GPA that is based on the entire work at a secondary school along with exam certificates.

Basic recommendations along with the evaluation of scores will allow UAPC to decide. But if you want the transcript to be evaluated by UAPC only, provide records, diploma, and certificate copies.

GED Recipients

Apply your application online if you have gained a GED or finished high school. The application is believed to be complete when it includes:

  1. a freshman application;
  2. the fee ($65);
  3. scores within a year of graduation;
  4. scores and diploma (high school transcript is possible).

The documents must be sent to UAPC/CUNY, P.O. Box 350136, Brooklyn, NY 11235.

What Are Other Requirements?

Ideally, you need to take a few essential courses when you are in a high school to make sure your college studies will be successful. If a high school doesn’t provide all of them, you need to take extra courses and gain certificates:

  • English Language course (three years);
  • Social Studies course (three years);
  • Mathematics course (three years);
  • Foreign Language course (two or three years);
  • Laboratory Sciences course (two or three years);
  • Visual Arts or Performing course (one year).

There are also application deadlines that should be followed when applying: Spring – September, the 15th, and Fall – February, the 1st.

Expect all and any admission decisions made by email or your regular mail. As for York decisions, they are sent from Admissions@york.cuny.edu email. The letter subject is ‘Your Admission Decision from York’. Make sure your inbox is regularly checked. Always check junk and spam folders as the letter may get there due to online security measures.

If an application is accepted, you become a freshman. Even if you have taken some college courses while being a high school student, you still remain a freshman, but with some grounded knowledge. So file according to your status.

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