20 Hot Rooster’s Topics on Persuasive Essay to Impress the Listeners


trip planningThroughout our lives, you will experience situations that involve persuading someone. In some cases, learning the power of persuasion is quite necessary. For example, if you are a student writing a persuasive essay, knowing how to be persuasive would be a key element in achieving a good grade. However, there is a problem that you can face while writing a persuasive essay. The problem is to make up a topic that will impress your listeners. If this problem concerns you, do not worry. We can give you some useful tips to help you come up with topics without any hassle. In addition, we are happy to give you topics on persuasive essays to help get you started!

Choosing an essay topic begins by listening to what people like to talk about around you, on TV, and over the internet. It’s important to be careful not to choose overdone topics. Narrow down a juicy topic that can strike opinions and emotions in people that logical reasoning can also support. Selecting a trendy topic that is fresh and easy to relate to will captivate strong interest in your essay for the listeners.

Once this is accomplished, you need to ensure that your topic is easy to research. A balanced amount of information will keep listeners from feeling bored or bombarded. When that is all settled, stick to it. This is how you can find a compelling persuasive essay topic. Take a look at the following list of 20 hot topics for persuasive essays to impress your listeners.

  1. Energy Should Be a Free Resource
  2. Why Video Games Are Educational
  3. Animal Testing: Why It Should Be Illegal
  4. Should Spanish Classes Be Required in Schools?
  5. Parents Should Receive Longer Paternity and Maternity Leave and Pay
  6. Child Beauty Pageants Are Bad for Body Image
  7. Aliens: Proof of Their Existence
  8. Is the Electoral College Archaic?
  9. Free Health Care: Why It Should Be Offered in the Country
  10. Leftover Restaurant Food Should Be Given to the Homeless
  11. Should Every American Citizen Be Required to Speak English?
  12. Prisoners Should Not Be Allowed to Receive Free Education
  13. Military vs. Celebrities: Who Should Be Paid More?
  14. Are You Free of Will If You Believe in Religion?
  15. Natural Disaster Survival Plans: Every Family Needs Them
  16. If 18-Year-Olds Can Go to War, Should They Be Allowed to Legally Drink?
  17. Sales Tax Should Be Eliminated
  18. Should Students Be Allowed to Pray in School?
  19. Fines for Parents of Bullies
  20. Owners Who Abandon Pets Should Go to Jail

Covering from renewable energy, politics, entertainment, and controversial ideas, these topics can capture the attention of your audience. They are a few of many topics that are often seen on social media and discussed between people. By researching hot trending topics and paying attention to media debates, you can easily choose an issue that is not only easy to research, but will make listeners curious to hear what you are doing to say.

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