What Should I Write My Essay on? Or How to Choose a Perfect Topic


readingWhat should I write my essay on? If you are a college student, this question probably pops up in your mind consistently. There are millions of topics that you can choose to write about. So, how do you choose the best one? Follow the ten tips below to help guide you in choosing the perfect essay topic ever!

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Do not settle with your first thought. Brainstorm potential ideas, so you can ensure that your topic is the best choice possible.

2. Research Popular Topics

Great topics capture the attention of the audience. Research popular subjects, like hobbies or interests, that will help your audience relate to your essay. However, do not forget to make sure that the topic fits the essay requirements.

3. Think about Your Interests

Although the audience’s attention is important, your one is also quite important. If the topic is boring or aggravating to you, you will most likely have hard time writing the paper and jeopardize its quality.

4. Keep It Short and Simple

Overly complicated or long topics can create so much unnecessary work for you by making it difficult to research or form clear thoughts. Again, this would put the essay quality at risk and potentially lose the audience’s interest. However, do not commit such mistakes.

5. Narrow Your Selections

When you brainstorm topic ideas, narrow your selection. Choosing a topic with too much or little information can be disastrous. Also take the opportunity to eliminate topics that are perhaps not as interesting or fail to match the essay requirements.

6. Consider Your Audience

Take your audience into consideration. If your audience has some background knowledge in science, choose a topic like scientific advances in technology instead of unrelated subjects like the evolution of literature, for example.

7. Count the Resources

Although less is more sometimes, a quantity of useful information is still essential.  If you are not able to find enough information to contribute to your writing, you may end up stretching small amounts of details and reiterating points.

8. Create a Small Outline

To see if you have enough information or a topic that can fulfill the essay requirements, make a test outline. Seeing the bones of it can help you determine how you need to move forward.

9. Determine the Type of the Essay

The type of the essay can factor how to choose a topic. For example, if you are writing a descriptive essay, choose a topic that can be described broadly or specifically; like the idea or definitions of emotions rather than a controversial topic like heated politics.

10. Ask for Help

If all else fail, ask your professor, friend, relative, or peer for a helping hand. The second pair of eyes can be refreshing and insightful.

Skip the hassle of stressing over writing a good essay by picking the perfect topic to write about. By following these ten tips, you can feel confident in choosing the best topic!

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