6 Songs to Sound in the Background When You Write Essay


ultra hd 4k iphoneMany people listen to music as they work, relax, and do other activities throughout the day. Music is therapeutic and helps people to put their thoughts together. It relieves stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. However, some people argue that music is not good for concentration and can actually be a big distraction. If you usually listen to music when you are doing assignments, this may make you wonder if you should start or stop listening to background music while you are writing an essay. If you do not mind having background noise when you write essay assignments, try listening to these six types of songs that can potentially strengthen your concentration.

1. Songs You Are Uninterested in

Listening to music or songs that do not grab your interest can help you effectively direct your attention to concentrating on writing your essay. The tunes floating into your ear will be less likely to tempt you to sing along, think about lyrics as well as they will not relax you to the point of getting tired.

Do you like pop music? So, the best choice for you will be the following songs:

  • The Pretty Reckless – No Sex In USSR
  • Iggy Pop – No Fun

Maybe you like rock music? Here are also some great variants for you:

  • Snakehips & MØ – Don’t Leave
  • Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone – City of Stars

2. Instrumental Melodies

Music compiled solely of instrumental melodies can be very relaxing and help you focus on the goals that you have in mind; especially for learning. First, the music does not have distracting vocals to break your concentration. Second, the calming sounds can improve your performance, especially with a happy melody.

Here are some great ideas what to listen to:

  • Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Brothers
  • The Champs – Tequila
  • Mogwai – Hungry Face
  • Stephan Moccio – A New Day Has Come

3. Soundtracks from Video Games

Many games have soundtracks that mean to help immerse players in an environment facilitating attention and focus. This kind of musical environment can be used for essay writing. However, modern video games are more often incorporating lyrical and hip-hop music which could pose distractions. It is important to find a soundtrack that balances stimulation with no distractions.

What do you like playing? Maybe FIFA 2016? So, try out these songs to help you get inspired and concentrated:

  • No Wyld – Let Me Know
  • Kaleo – Way Down We Go
  • Miami Horror–All It Ever Was

There are also some great variants if you prefer NBA 2K15:

  • Public Enemy – Shut Em Down
  • The Black Keys – Everlasting Light

4. Your Favorite Playlist

There is a high probability that if you listen to music you enjoy, you will be able to write your essay more quickly and formulate better ideas. This is because listening to your favorite songs will put you in a happy mood. Overall, it can increase your productivity more effectively.

5. Environmental Songs

Some research has discovered that natural element sounds help to boost moods and focus that are essential for essay writing. The randomness, such as sounds from a mountain stream, does not cause a distraction. These kinds of noises also help relieve stress and anxiety which will influence a better performance for writing.

6. Songs without Lyrics

As commonly stated in other music choices, no lyrics means no distracting words. Intelligible words force you to shift your focus into figuring out what the song singer is saying. It’s like when someone is in the room talking to you. Can you really ignore them and not pay any attention when they are talking the whole time?

Here are some songs that you will appreciate for sure:

  • Brentalfloss – Cave Story
  • James Blunt – You’re Beautiful (without lyrics)
  • Rokketchaze – Walk on Mars (without lyrics)

Music plays a big part in people’s daily routines. There are six types of songs that you can listen to while you are dealing with an essay for concentration. Find out what helps you most. Give it a try!

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