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The easiest and first way to get help with anything nowadays is to turn to the Internet. Nothing wrong with that! There’s a ton of good information out there for your use.

Writing is no exception and social media isn’t only for contacting with friends! There are many resources for free online writing help through different pages you can follow. We will share with you some of them.

1. AcademicHelp.net

On this page, you’ll find a variety of useful tips, guides, fun prompts, and everything else to do with not only writing but other areas as well.

2. English Grammar

Making sure your grammar is up to par when writing is a must. This page will help you stay on track and update you with common mistakes that everyone makes, and how to avoid them.

3. English Grammar Club

This fun page has many followers so you’ll join a community of learners. As the name states, the main focus here is grammar.

4. Writing Tips

This is a very useful page that touches on everything that concerns writing. There are posts about different styles, forms, genres, aspects of essays, etc. It is very comprehensive and well worth following.

5. Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips has a definite focus on grammar, but overall, there are many things you can learn about writing by following this page.

6. Writing Prompts

One of the best ways to improve your writing is by practicing it! This page allows you to do just that by providing prompts for you to write about. Many of them are very creative, so have fun!

7. Thesis Writing

On this page, you’ll find real thesis help that is highly useful. As you may already know, a thesis is arguably the most important task among all your college papers. It’s only right that there is an entire page to follow about thesis tips.

8. Writing Essays

Writing Essays is a page that is an overview of all writing. Whether it’s specifically essays or grammar, this page has a lot of information to look at once you start following their posts.

9. Writing About Writing

As a more lighthearted approach to writing, this page has everything from funny posts about the challenges of writing to good suggestions on how to improve your skills. There are all types of genres talked about here, not just academic ones. You can also learn some interesting facts about famous writers.

10. Writing.Com

This page also exposes you to many different types of writing and makes you think about what goes into well-written pieces. By expanding your knowledge, your own writing will improve, so give this page a look!

So, there you have it! Lots of options for whatever you are interested in. Visit each page and see which ones resonate with you the most. Only use things that you like as well as that will help you. We hope you’ve enjoyed this list and have gotten some good insights about writing.

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