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This is a free service which stores content from open web sources to perform plagiarism checks. Yet, our data can become outdated and we cannot guarantee the results will be 100% accurate.

Plagiarism is and has always been a serious problem for students: the problem is, sometimes it can be found even in a paper you’ve written from scratch up to the last word. To avoid plagiarism, use an online plagiarism checker on every essay you write, whether you quoted any sources or not.

Why Use Our Plagiarism Detector?

Simply put, because the plagiarism tool is effective, efficient and affordable. Students usually cannot afford to pay for plagiarism detection services, which is why we give you a kind of the test access to our anti plagiarism scanner. You can check your texts for originality to 5 times per month for free (even for anonymous users), and if you place a single order with our service, this number is increased to one hundred per month. You may ask, how good our plagiarism finder is? Quite good, actually. It will immediately detect any online plagiarism in any of your papers.

Our Plag Checker and GRADE Excellence Formula

GRADE excellence formula underlines every service our company provides, and our plagiarism detector is not an exception.

  • Growth: it helps you learn how to best use quotations and paraphrases to decrease the percentage of perceived plagiarism in your papers;
  • Reliability: our software is always online, and you are free to use it at any time;
  • Authenticity: even if you don’t consciously plagiarize your papers, sometimes they leave such an impression on readers. Our plagiarism checker makes sure your writing looks genuine (in addition to being so);
  • Diversity: our similarity checker helps you utilize your unique strengths and talents while avoiding making mistakes;
  • Excellence: suspicion of plagiarism can drastically decrease the value of a paper, and anything that can help you avoid it improves your chances of producing a top-notch piece of writing.

Start using our plagiarism detector right now, and you will be amazed how it will affect the quality of your writing!

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