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So, you have researched and written your essay, and you are finally ready to hand it in to your professor, until… There is one little thing left to do, and this can often be the most painful last step. The editing. Without it, there is no way that you can be sure you are getting an excellent grade, the one you are naturally hoping for. Even the slightest mistake can do harm to hours or even days of hard work. We know that’s unfair, but that’s exactly how the school works. Luckily, you have the answer to the problem right here — get an experienced editor check and proofread your paper online.

Why Hire Editing and Proofreading Help?

There are at least three reasons why you should consider getting some assistance at the editing stage of your work.

Firstly, a person can rarely correct every single mistake of his or her own. That’s because we read our own writing as we wanted it to be, rather than perceiving it the way it really is. We tend to overlook a lot of mistakes, typos, and logical fallacies. A person from aside would be of great help.

Secondly, you will save a lot of time by delegating the proofreading job to someone else. Say, if you have one small essay, then it won’t take long. But what if you have 5 of them? And in case of complex academic assignments, such as research papers or a dissertation, the editing stage can take days. You could be rather concentrating on other tasks.

Thirdly, an experienced editor is better than a fellow student or a friend. They have the right skills and attention to the detail, which they have developed by proofreading numerous academic papers. Against them, mistakes and typos stand a little or no chance.

How to Team up with Experienced Proofreaders?

Our company offers you assistance of one of our editors and proofreaders who will polish up your academic paper. They are ESL and ENL academic writers with the right skills and experience in their job. With their aid, you can expect to have your writing improved. You can submit to us your sample essay, and see what you are doing the wrong way, as the editors in our team will check your argumentation as well as referencing.

What Are GRADE Excellence Standards?

No matter what we do, we are committed to following the GRADE excellence standards. These stand for Growth, Reliability, Authenticity, Diversity, and Excellence. According to them:

  • We continuously improve our services and their quality by carefully selecting every writer and editor, mentoring them, and monitoring their work. We grow ourselves and also help you grow academically;
  • We make everything in our power to deliver you a decent proofread and edited paper right in time;
  • We take uniqueness of each sample paper seriously. This is why we try to monitor our writers and their work, while making sure it is authentic, done in accordance with academic standards, and meets all your requirements;
  • We hire writers, editors, and proofreaders in all academic subjects and disciplines. This way, our system can match you with the one who is most experienced in your particular subject;
  • We strive to excellence of our services and complete satisfaction of our clients, students like you.

How to Get Help from an Online Essay Proofreading Service?

In order to save time and effort finalizing your academic paper, just send an “edit my paper” request after you write your custom essay. Our writers and proofreaders will take over from there. We know, getting academic help is not cheap, but we’ll offer you a good value for your price. If you want to be sure that you’ll get decent help from the assigned writer, you can request 3 writing samples from him or her for just $5 before you get the editing and proofreading done.

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