December 15, 2022

How to Craft Tamil Essay Writing

Vernon Fraser
Vernon Fraser
Essay Writer
Craft Tamil Essay Writing

If you are trying to craft an essay in Tamil, you will most likely have some difficulties. Despite the fact that Tamil is one of the most widely spoken languages in Indian, it does not have a standardized grammatical and mechanical structure. Because of this, students who need to write essays have a serious challenge ahead of them. This language doesn’t have an exhaustive grammar of modern Tamil. The last grammar update was made in the 12th century.


Considering how long it has been since the language had any grammar structures record on paper, it is no wonder that students have problems with Tamil essay writing. The language is easy to speak as the 60 million Indians who speak it can attest to, but writing is another story. Unfortunately, children in schools need to learn to write, and if Tamil is the language spoken in their homes, that is the language they should be able to write.


Another problem that makes Tamil essay writing so challenging for native speakers is that most of the people who speak this language live in poverty, so they have not learned enough English to write entirely. Fortunately, the government is doing something about it. Signs are being written in Tamil, which looks like Arabic, and in English. To make things even worse, there is not even a Tamil dictionary, let alone a thesaurus. There is a man in India who is working on a Tamil dictionary, but he has spent up to one month working on developing definitions for one word. It is a lengthy process.


So, what is a Tamil student to do when Tamil essay writing is assigned? The student has a few options. If the student can write in Tamil, then it is a good idea to write the essay in the native language. But, this creates a problem if the instructor cannot read the Tamil that the student writes. Another option is to write the essay in English. Unfortunately, since many students do not know how to write in English, this can be difficult, too.


Many students who are in this conundrum have turned to essay writing companies that have writers who are fluent in speaking Tamil and writing in English. Tamil students can tell the writer about the assignment and what they want to say in the essay. Then, the writer crafts the academic writing, especially for the student. Since it is nearly impossible to have consistent Tamil essay writing, crafting an essay in English or Hindi will give the paper structure that cannot be accomplished in Tamil.


Students who live in Tamil Nadu need to do what is best for them. If their instructor wants them to attempt to write a Tamil essay, then the students should try it. In most cases, a Tamil essay would be best written for the content – not the writing style, spelling, or grammar. But, if the assignment is to prove that a student can write well, then the essay should not be written in Tamil at all.

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