What Is an Essay B: Apply Texas Effortlessly


If you’re applying to a public college in Texas, you may not always use the Common Application. Some schools require students to use the Apply Texas application instead. Part of the application involves responding to an essay prompt. There are three options to choose from: Topic A, Topic B, or Topic C. The new Essay B Apply Texas question is the following:

“Topic B: Some students have an identity, an interest, or a talent that defines them in an essential way. If you are one of these students, then tell us about yourself.”

To boost your odds of getting accepted, it’s important to keep some advice in mind as you begin the process of writing your paper.

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How to Succeed on the Apply Texas Topic B Essay

  • Be Personal: The people who are reading your essay have probably read countless others, many of which probably sounded very similar to one another. This topic gives you an opportunity to express why you’re a unique, talented person. Make a sincere attempt to distinguish yourself. You don’t need to have an uncommon skill in order to do so. If you love cooking, write about that. You can still make yourself stand out from the crowd by expressing in emotional terms the degree to which your love of cooking has affected you positively in life. If the skill you choose to write about relates to your intended major, even better.
  • Be Detailed: This topic is actually helpful for students who sometimes find it difficult to write an essay that’s long enough to be accepted by the admission team. In describing your skill or talent, you can delve into major details, talking about how you first realized you had this skill, how you improved, and who helped you along the way. While you don’t want to turn your essay into a bland timeline, you should also include relevant details. Doing so will make your essay more unique, and it will help you boost the word count.
  • Be Organized: When writing an essay about a personal topic like this one, even strong writers make the mistake of being disorganized. You’ve spent most of your academic career being taught to write essays that conform to a very strict format. Now that you have the chance to write something more creative and personal, you might end up forgetting that proper organization is an essential element of any paper. If you’re the type of person who struggles to keep a paper organized, plan ahead with an outline, and consider turning to the Internet for some extra help.

The Apply Texas Topic B question isn’t just designed to show off your writing skills — it’s designed to give the reader a better sense of who you are as a person. Remember that the admission department wants to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for this school. While you do have to demonstrate that you have the ability to communicate well on paper and handle the work, you should also demonstrate that you’re a passionate individual who cares deeply about the future of your education.

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